Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hacking MBA: About

Who are you?

I’m in my early thirties. Ten years ago I abandoned my science career. I was young, I was silly and I wanted to be in funds. I didn’t want to wait. So I went to another direction. I’ve found an interesting job with quite good salary and worked as hard as I can.

These days I thought it’s a right decision. In spite of my science background (I have a degree in math) it was obviously that I’m not a brilliant math guy. So I had decided to become good someone else rather than bad scientist. And I did it. Now I’m a respected professional (not a manager). But my career opportunities are limited ‘cause I am already at the top. I can change employers, but in any case my position will be the same (or lower).

Futhermore my current occupation is extremely non-convertible. All my professional background, all my experience is strictly attached to the place where I live. From the outside it seems that I am a successful professional, but as a matter of fact I am in a blind alley.

Do I think that the MBA degree is the best and definitive answer to my troubles? No. But I want to try and I definitely believe that this direction is good for me (at least for the next ten years).

Do you really know how to get an MBA degree?

No. This site works in real time. Right now I know the school (that I want to attend), how much money I need to reach my goals and what I have to do next months. I don’t have any magic recipes, sorry for that.

Don’t you think it’s better to use books, official guides and courses to became an MBA than read your posts?

I don’t think about it in these terms. I completely agree that books and courses are necessary but my site is not a competitor for any of these guides. For me all this MBA-approach is a journey (and this site is a journey diary). Maybe some of my conclusions will be useful for you, maybe not. But anyway I think that someone else’s live experience is a good thing.

Besides, don’t forget that authors of these guides tends to say that their guides is the best choice on the market. I am subjective in my own way but I look at these guides from the different angle.

Also I believe that my experience will be extremely useful for non-native english speakers ‘cause GMAT exams are harder for us. (as to my own english skills I can read english books and papers, can watch TV and movies without subtitles, but not so good at writing and verbal communications).

OK. So what’s the plan?

I am going to take GMAT exams in the late July or, maybe, early August. I need a score more than 720.

I already have an MBA degree. Do you want some advices?

Absolutely. I will be extremely grateful for that. Please leave me a comment or drop me a mail.